African City Bags

Fingers crossed Monrovia will make the second collection.

With more and more businesses going the sustainable route and customers bringing their own shopping bags, why not do it with African Prints in Fashions‘ African City Bags. These 100% natural cotton totes are roomy and perfectly stylish for work or travel. Shop the collection before they’re sold out and…


Flava In Ya Ear // 10

Michael Jackson, Odesza, All About She and more.

The tenth edition of Wax Eclectic is up and ready.  I’ve compiled ten eleven songs that have been bumping in my Soundcloud account over the last few weeks that I believe will carry you through these spring days nicely. So unravel those ear buds and enjoy.  


Sit on These Hand Chairs

Go on. Have a seat.

Not every space, every pillow, every object can, or needs, to be in-your-face WOW, right?  A simple color scheme, interesting seating with a few original and unlikely pieces can really make a space.  Hand chairs, anyone? Pedro Friedeberg would be proud. Interior by  Tamara Kaye-Honey, House of Honey. Images via…

perfect lipstick

The Long, Tedious Search for the Perfect Lipstick

It's about the swatch-filled journey, not the destination.

Very few women I know, myself included, have found the holy grail that is their individual perfect lipstick.  It’s damn near impossible, there’s really no other way to put it. But in expeditions to Duane Reade, scrounging through the aisles of Target, and sampling the goods at Sephora, you may…


Days in the Botany

It's art because it is.

I follow Alexandra Elle over on Tumblr and awhile back she reblogged this photoset by Street Etiquette.  Quite nice, no?  It fits now, to me.  Now as in the weather, how I want to feel, plants, and more plants.  I like it, so here you go.  Have a wonderful botanical…


This is What Springs Looks Like

If spring looked like a model posing in a fashion spread.

So, winter’s over, right? Out here in Cali it feels like winter has been gone for a few weeks now and spring has made her appearance along with a few showers sprinkled it. It’s not too hot and not too cold. And just like Muna Mahamed in this XoXO Magazine…


Tapestries by @TheAestate

A tapestry to end all tapestries.

Jessica Rowe and her blog, The Aestate, have been in my RSS Feed for a few years now and with good reason. This interior designer with a serious eye for art and creating her own pieces just gets it. So color me giddy as all get out when she debuted…