Flava in Ya Ear // 08

The perfect soundtrack to getting work done, done and done.

A new month, a new attitude, renewed hope and goals (lots of goals) require a soundtrack.  Well, in my world it does.  I have a few ditties to add a little flava in ya ears that are sure to keep you motivated yet relaxed, hyped yet focused. Scroll through the…


A Rose By Any Other Face

So this is fashion, art, and beauty all in an editorial that screams yes!  If you’re on Tumblr and follow a ton of art, model, fashion, and street style micro blogs than you’ve probably scrolled across this one in your feed in the last couple of weeks.  And if you’ve…


A Grown-Ass Woman Finds Her Fragrance

A love story that took a hella long time.

It’s always been in the back of my head whenever I slathered on Bath & Body Works lotions and potions, and in the forefront of my mind every time I strolled past a perfume counter in a department store: I need my own signature fragrance.  Juniper Breeze doesn’t go with…

ABCDYuna,. Nocturnal

Flava In Ya Ear // 07

Yuna Zarai and more musical goodness in December's Wax Eclectic.

New month, new playlist. Consider it my musical gift to you as we really get into the holiday season. But no worries, if Christmas music makes you want to stuff your ears with cotton, there’s not a one on here. But I will point out that Mariah Carey’s All I…


Ava Duvernay Before Selma: The Door

As talk of Ava DuVernay’s feature film, Selma, ramps up, I’ve been learning more about her and discovered that she directed an amazing short story for Miu Miu’s Tales entitled The Door.  It’s simple in form, big on beauty, and speaks volumes about the power of sisterhood and friendship.  Go…


Paper Crush: Quill London

Quill London gets stationery all kinds of write.

I love paper and I’ve even designed my own line of stationery. I horde note cards and count post-it notes as some of my best friends.  For real. So, please know that when I visit Quill London’s site my paper chasin’ heart skips a beat.  These finds are proof that…


Office Remix: Whitney Port

An office makeover worthy of an eclectic best stamp of approval

So, you remember The Hills, right?  That vapid show we all knew was fake, but believed that Justin Bobby would somehow realize his love for Audrina, and that Whitney Port would somehow have a bigger presence because she was one of the few voices of reason?  Well, none of that…