liane la havas

The “Unstoppable” Lianne La Havas

Let this be the soundtrack to your week. Seriously, no other track is needed.

Stop. Drop. Roll. Listen. Feast your ears. Do whatever it is you need to do to click play on Lianne La Havas‘ new single, Unstoppable.  Seriously. Do it and then come back. Amazing, am I right?!  I usually like to do a collection of songs each month (look out for May’s very soon) but this […]

perfect nail polish

Perfect Nail Polish

The more colors, the better.

If there’s one thing I get right about beauty and all of its products, is nail polish. It has been my go-to beauty must-have since my mother allowed me to wear polish as a teenager (I waited years, y’all!).  Unlike lipstick and my long, painful search for my perfect shade, nail polish has many shades […]

etsy red raven studios

Etsy Window Shopping

When you’re searching for something specific, Etsy can be that place that gets you lost at every turn, making you want to pull your coils out and just lay down and pout.  And then there’s those times when you have nothing on your list and you’re just seeing what’s up for sale that you come […]

The Line 6

The Comfy Look

Soon it will be time to shed those layers of leather and thermals and thick knits for good.  Well, until autumn rolls around.  If you’re looking for a breezy look this summer, let The Line‘s “relaxed approach to prints” as featured in their latest stories be your guide. Images for The Line by Matthew Sprout […]

apif_africancitybag 3

African City Bags

Fingers crossed Monrovia will make the second collection.

With more and more businesses going the sustainable route and customers bringing their own shopping bags, why not do it with African Prints in Fashions‘ African City Bags. These 100% natural cotton totes are roomy and perfectly stylish for work or travel. Shop the collection before they’re sold out and check out the white totes, […]