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The Wearstler Look


Kelly Wearstler and The Coveteur

I’m so nosey.  I really am.  Actually I think most people are and may just call it curious, but I’m going to put it out there.  I am nosey.  I like to see the way other people live in an effort to get fresh ideas and sparks of inspiration when the urge to renew my own space hits.

Kelly Wearstler and The Coveteur

And quite literally I am changing my apartment around on a weekly basis.  No space layout is safe.  And I always take notes from Kelly Wearstler.  I haven’t been able to check out her new book Rhapsody yet, but I can’t wait to dig in.  In the meantime we have these shots from The Coveteur to tie us over.

Kelly Wearstler and The Coveteur

Honestly, no one knows her way around brass décor and artful mix or color and patterns like Wearster.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly for me and I’m pretty sure my fellow eclectics would agree.

Kelly Wearstler and The Coveteur

I’ve put it on my agenda to visit her Los Angeles boutique next time I’m in SoCal to get her full mix of fashion design and interior design.  Her accessories and clothes are a seamless extension of her interior styling.

Kelly Wearstler

Check out The Coveteur to get the full tour and to scope out her personal collection of heels.

Images via The Coveteur.
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  • simplychic

    love her! her boutique in west hollywood is a showstopper for sure!

    • Eclectic A

      I’ve got it at the top of my list!