DIY iPhone case

You’ve seen them…  You’ve said I want one… And then you may have looked at the price and thought… but I’d rather eat this week.  Well, no fear friends, I have the easy solution to getting your very own gold iPhone case a la Miansai and Incase.  Here’s the do…

gold iphone case

Purchase an inexpensive iPhone case ( has great ones for less than two or three dollars) or use one of your old cases.

Have left-over metallic gold spray paint from a previous DIY project?  Pull it out.


Spread out a small drop cloth or newspaper either outside or in a well-ventilated room.

Then get to spraying, and let dry.  If another coat is in order make sure the first is completely dry before applying.


And then voila, you have a gold iPhone case without the dent in your wallet.  There’s actually a ton of possibilities with this simple DIY, from chevron stripes to typography.   You like?

Images by Eclectic A.