Little House on the Prairie Chic

Laura Ingalls Wilder's style game (or clique) was never this tight.

If your squad, crew, clique, or whatever kids call themselves these days, are going for that demure, sister wives circa early 1900s, Little House on the Prairie vibe then look no further than Vogue’s March 2015 issue. In an editorial entitled Light Brigade, that is styled by Grace Coddington and featuring…

natural art 4

Forget Art. Really.

Imma Let You Finish But Mother Nature is the Best Artist of All Time.

Did I actually say that out loud… forget art?  Of course I don’t mean it.  Art is everything.  Plus for years one of my mantras has been everyone is an artist.  And it’s true.  But since moving into my apartment over six months ago and still not having done much…


Where Has All the Sanity Gone?

Who needs a stinkin' phone and all those crazy cords anyway?

No, for real… where has all the sanity gone?  About a month ago my iPhone 4s died instantly, never to be revived, not even by the power cord that should’ve been its defibrillator, leaving me with a quick decision to make: to live phone-less or to go out and buy…


Anais Mali in Porter Magazine

I don’t know about where you live, but out here in the Bay Area (that’s Northern California, for those who don’t know) the last few days have been especially summer-like.  I’m talking heat, going out without coats, people flip-flopping around in sandals, and opening their windows to let in a…


Singer Miguel’s (Yes, That Miguel) Home Tour

The voice, the style and the home all match.

You know a person is true to his or her personal aesthetic when you walk into his home and it looks like him.  The home doesn’t have to be immaculate, things can be used and scattered about, but the essence of the person, regardless of style, tastes, level of cleanliness,…

Loza Maléombho 1

Loza Maléombho’s “Alien Edits”

The best kind of selfies are selfies that don't look like selfies. And selfies by Loza Maléombho.

For the most part, when it comes to my own Instagram account, I’ve completely forgotten I have one.  Mostly my non-decision decision to not post isn’t because I don’t like the social networking site, rather it’s because I don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute.  Trust me, no one wants to…


Flava in Ya Ear // 08

The perfect soundtrack to getting work done, done and done.

A new month, a new attitude, renewed hope and goals (lots of goals) require a soundtrack.  Well, in my world it does.  I have a few ditties to add a little flava in ya ears that are sure to keep you motivated yet relaxed, hyped yet focused. Scroll through the…